10 Kids' Shows With Great Potty Training Episodes To Motivate Your Child (2023)

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10 Kids' Shows With Great Potty Training Episodes To Motivate Your Child (1)

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Turn on these programs to motivate your child.

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Potty training can be one of the most frustrating (if not the most) frustrating part of childhood. It's a big milestone, and it gives a lot of food for thought about how best to approach the transition from diapers to the toilet. There are a fewPotty training tricks to trywhen you hit a plateau - some might work and some might not - but watching potty training episodes for kids is a super easy way to keep your child motivated.

VonPotty Training Appsto smartwatch timers andPotty Training SongsTo convey that technology can certainly give you an edge in potty training. But ultimately, the success of potty training really depends on your child's willingness to go to the bathroom. What better way to get encouragement than from your favorite TV series characters? Think of it as a teaching tool.

Especially when they are upset about accidents, a potty training scene on TV can help reduce stress for young children. Yes, it's more screen time,but letting your potty child watch Elmo or Daniel Tiger walk can be really helpful for them. Here's a look at some popular kids' shows that feature potty training episodes and where you can stream them, so you can choose your child's favorite and give it a try.


Daniel Tigre neighborhood: "Prince Wednesday goes potty/Daniel goes potty"

Sing along to the catchy "When You Have To Go Potty, Stop And Go Right Away" from the first halfDaniel Tigre neighborhoodThe episode can definitely help your potty-trained child understand why it's perfectly okay to stop playing and go to the bathroom when needed. In the second half of the episode, while Daniel and his father are at Music Man Stan's store, Daniel discovers that he doesn't have to wait until he gets home to go to the bathroom. The fact that bathrooms are and aren't everywhereOnlyat home is such an important lesson for little ones and probably one you don't really think about until the topic comes up.

ParticipateDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood"Prince Wednesday goes on the potty/Daniel goes on the pottyand other episodes inPBS-KindereYoutube.

(Video) Potty Training Song | Cocomelon | Learning Videos For Kids | Education Show For Toddlers


Daniel Tigre neighborhood: "Daniel doesn't want to go to the toilet/Daniel is sitting in the toilet"

One of the hardest things to explain to kids just learning to use the bathroom is why it's important to try before you leave the house, even if they don't necessarily feel like they have to . In this episode ofDaniel Tigre neighborhood, Daniel's mom helps him learn this important lesson before they go to lunch with Katerina. The second half of the show is about Daniel's stomach ache when he has to go to the bathroom. Even if he doesn't want to stop playing, he takes his time and sits on the potty to help his tummy feel better.

ParticipateDaniel Tiger's Neighborhood"Daniel doesn't want to go to the toilet/Daniel is sitting on the toiletand other episodes inPBS-KindereYoutube.


Rest Sesame: "Elmo's Potty Time"

(Video) Potty Training Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

I will always sing the praises of a now utterly worn out DVD copy of "Elmo's Potty Time" which got my youngest son through his potty training days. The main idea behind this Elmo-centric specialRest SesameAs a result, if Elmo can use the potty, his son can too. Sure, I still hum the lyrics of "accidents happen" when our dog doesn't get out on time, but repeating this particular program over several months when potty training got tough was worth it. (And honestly, the song "It's Potty Time" is pretty catchy.)

ParticipateSesame Street"Elm's bathroom timeoneAmazon Prime,Youtube, zGoogle Play.


Special Agent Bear: "The Nanny Who Was Watching Me/Potty Royale"

In the Disney Junior seriesSpecial Agent Bear, the second half of the episode entitled "The Sitter Who Watched Me/Potty Royale" is about using the potty. Special Agent Oso visits a boy who wants to go to preschool to be like his older brother. But he has to learn to potty train on his own before he can. This is a conundrum that so many potty trained parents and children face as they enter the preschool years. Therefore, seeing it recreated on screen can be very helpful to alleviate any fear or worry.

ParticipateOso's Special Agent"The Babysitter Who Watched Me / Potty Royaleand other episodes inDisney+,Google Play, zAmazon Prime.


Peppa Pig: "Practice potty training"

part of what you doPeppa PigOne show that can grab a child's attention is that each full episode is broken up into much smaller segments. While not a full episode, part of a recent 2021 broadcast of the show on Nick Jr. (titled "Health Check/Potty Training/Jelly/The Tractor/The Petting Zoo") contained a story about how George learned the potty. This is a great episode to watch with the whole family if you have older siblings who might want to help out with training your little brother or sister.

Stream Peppa Pig's Potty TrainingNick Junior.website by logging in to your cable service provider.


Dinosaur Train:Laura the Gigantosaurus/dinosaur poop"

In the wake ofDinosaur TrainTitled Laura the Gigantosaurus/Dinosaur Poop, Buddy and Tiny learn the simple fact of life that everyone poops. Not only do they accept that this is something everyone does, but they also learn how feces can be used to tell if the dinosaur ate flat, meat, or a combination of both. The show presents a genuinely kid-friendly way of talking about digestion and bringing up poop in a way that's more scientific than laugh-inducing. (Although there will definitely be laughs too!)

ParticipateThe Dinosaur Train"Laura the Gigantosaurus/Dinosaur Poopand other episodes in PBS,Youtube, zApple TV.

(Video) Daniel Tiger's Stop & Go Potty | Let's learn when to go potty!


Staff + Cat: "The Potty Problem/The Butter Problem"

Peg + Cat is such an adorable kids series, and this potty training episode really sucks. Big Mouth is visiting from another planet and has no idea that using the potty is something you have to do on Earth. After accidents, Peg and Cat must teach Big Mouth to use the potty. The episode reinforces the fact that accidents happen, it's nothing to get excited about and you can always try using the potty next time.

Participatestake + cat"The Potty Problem/The Butter Problemand other episodes inPBS-Kinder,Apple TV, zAmazon Prime.


At Comelon: "Potty Training Song"

MakeAt Comelondo singalong clips count as episodes? It might be a reach, but if your child is addicted to a show based solely on lullabies and refuses to watch anything else, playing this snippet from the show can definitely help with potty training. In Season 1, Episode 22, J.J. is willing to use the potty and the lyrics to the songs he sings with the whole family about the process are very encouraging for the children. From "Put on the potty and it'll be great!" to "I went potty, live for me!" Your little one will love singing along and learning all about potty training.

ParticipateCoComelon’s“Potty training songand other episodes inYoutube,Netflix, zAmazon Prime.

(Video) Facing Harsh Realities in Your Love Life? (Watch This)


babe butt: "Potty Song"

babe buttIt also has a song to help your child use the potty. The video shows an adorable panda learning to use the toilet to the tune of a sweet lullaby. Obabe buttPotty Song is perfect for parents who want to reinforce the idea that accidents 100% happen, but want to keep their child encouraged and calm throughout the learning process.

Participatebabe butt'Potty Song' and other episodes inYoutube.


pets: "Save the swan!/Save the puppy!"

In the second half ofpetsEpisode "Save the Swan! / Save the Puppy!" (Season 1 Episode 8) The Wonder Pets help a puppy learn to use his door to go to the bathroom. Now, does that mean your child wants to learn to potty outdoors? Possibly. But thankfully, most toddler potties are fairly portable. But honestly, the lesson here is that if you have to go, you have to go where you're supposed to go. For puppies, that means going through the dog door, but for humans, it means going to the bathroom.

(Video) Princess Polly's Potty | Potty Training Video For Toddlers | Story Time

Participatepets"Save the Swan!/Save the Puppy!" and other episodes inOutstanding+eYoutube.

Turn screen time into a useful educational tool with these potty training episodes. They turn a potentially stressful moment into something almost fun.

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