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Accidents during hyperfocus


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My six-year-old often wets his pants when he's watching TV, playing video games, or going to the playground. (Yes, we limit his screen time.) When will this end? Sometimes he even does it after we make him try the bathroom before starting the activity. I'm so tired I know it's not his fault but I also have a three year old who is a die-hard potty trainer and I'm tired of the extra loads of pee washing and constant monitoring. When did your ADHD kids finally spring into action with full bladder control so they wouldn't get wet while they focused on other things?

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I don't want to take you back, but have you thought about push-ups for him? My daughter is 8 years old, sometimes she stays for a long time. (didn't go to school in kindergarten and the first part of 1st grade she only went a few times) (during one of those times another child looked her over) when she was in 1st grade I let her go to the nurse to use the restroom on your IEP. Even in kindergarten, they had their own bathroom (only one person there at a time, she didn't go. That helped. Kianna was diagnosed with combined ADHD, OCD, ODD, Anxiety-NOS, and sensory issues. Recently, another parent told me that could be part of her FAVORITE that makes us late in the morning. "It's a power thing," she said. My daughter wears a diaper at night and for pooping. If she could, she would too. She's had accidents before outside of bed. school) most of the time she didn't mind sitting in a wet or bad diaper, people told me to let her walk around naked so if she pees (runny down her leg) she won't like it and she goes to the bathroom and walks away She doesn't mind and doesn't like being naked Until the last 4-6 months she always wore a top and bottom

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Now she sometimes takes off her shirt and even her pants, but never her panties/diaper. Funny because it was around this time that my 2 older neurotypical girls stopped walking around naked (around age 8). They are now 25 and will be 20 by the end of November. I almost think it's a sensory thing on top of maybe ODD. No one knows our kids or what it's like for us or them.

Apologies for the rambling in jumping around. You are not alone. Hope this helps a little.

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In the evening we do push-ups. I'm reluctant to do this during the day because we've worked so hard to get him to the point where his only accidents are during screen time or playtime. But it's good to know I'm not alone.


It looks like there might be another problem. Bladder problems are separate from ADHD. A doctor who specializes in bladder problems can help resolve this issue.

My son also has ADHD and he tends to hold his urine for long periods of time until it's extremely urgent. He never wets the bed, but a few times he didn't get to the bathroom fast enough and got a little wet.


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My son is almost 7 years old and he got wet in the store because he didn't want to go out and wanted to look at a toy. You are not alone!


This was a huge issue for us with our 7 year old son. If you haven't already, it would be good to talk to your pediatrician to rule out a medical cause. Sometimes constipation is to blame. But if your kid is like mine, he keeps going for a long time because he doesn't want to stop what he's doing. This can lead to weak bladder control muscles and more accidents. The solution to this is to walk them at least every 2 hours so that the bladder is never overfilled. It's not so easy to get a stubborn child to do this! Ours also wore evening pull-ups until this summer. After he turned 7 we used a bed alarm which worked wonders but it was torture for all of us the first month.


This is very common in children with ADHD, and we've even had accidents with defecation at age 6, but only during periods of hyperconcentration at school or at home (especially when playing video games). We tried stool softeners for constipation but they didn't help because he wasn't really constipated. We also tried making reminders at home to "listen to your body" and that helped quite a bit. But what really helped was the "Dry Buddy" system for night use when he was 7 years old. Initially, he wore the special underwear at night with a moisture detector in his pull-up (he didn't wear it during the day because accidents weren't that common and never enough to require changing pants at school). The alarm went off in our bedroom, vibrating under the covers at the first sign of wetness. Of course the first 2 weeks we would wake him up to pee and he would often get very wet at first. But after 2 weeks the alarms subsided and he only had drops of urine before he got up to go to the bathroom. As a result, there were no more accidents during the day! It was amazing – somehow it helped him pay more attention to his body. It took a month to fully train him, but it was so nice not having to do more push-ups and not having to wash wet clothes, sheets, and comforters (he sometimes peed a lot at night, even without water after 7pm). We were able to get a small discount with a prescription, but it's still quite expensive - I think we ended up buying 5 pairs of undies and it was $200. Since then we've had a few mishaps here and there at night-especially when his schedule is disrupted by travel-but overall he's done really well and is now 8 years old.

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