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Having your house-trained dog suddenly start pooping in the house is one of the most frustrating things for dog owners, especially when your dog seems to be doing it on purpose. Why does your dog do this?

While it may seem like your beloved pooch is pooping in the house on purpose, it's highly unlikely that house-trained dogs will come into the house on purpose. If you notice this behavior all of a sudden, it's a sign that something is wrong with your dog. Some reasons a housebroken dog poops in the house include medical issues, stress and anxiety, and age-related issues.

If you're dealing with a dog that "deliberately" goes to the bathroom, you'll want to know the reasons behind this behavior and what you can do about it.

In this article, we're going to take a look at all the issues surrounding your dog's pooping in the house, including whether dogs poop in the house when they're angry, why your dog suddenly starts pooping in the house at night, how training your dog to let you know when he wants to go outside and other reasons why your dog might go potty indoors.

The article will also discuss how to prevent a dog from peeing or pooping in the house, as well as the most difficult dog breeds to train. However, before we dive into all that, let's address your main concern. Is your dog pooping in the house out of spite or in an attempt to get back at you?

Do dogs shit indoors out of spite?

No, dogs don't poop indoors out of spite. This is just one of the reasons people think because we assume dogs see the world the same way humans do.

Sometimes it feels like your dog is pooping around the house to get revenge for something you've done. For example, you deny your dog the chance to sleep in your bed or kick him off the couch, only to find he's pooped in the living room the next morning.

In such situations, it can easily appear that your dog pooped in the house to get back at you for chasing him from your bed or sofa.

In reality, however, it doesn't work that way. The dog's actions are usually motivated by two things:instinctsydesire for reward.

For example, when you potty train your dog, he learns that being outside makes him happy, and when he is happy, you give him treats. Therefore, they start dating because it will give them a reward.

However, when it comes to pooping to get back at you, your dog does not receive a reward for this action. This means that there is nothing that motivates your dog to do something out of spite. Your dog will only do something on instinct or the possibility of a reward.

So every time your dog poops in the house after you've done something that you think has "harmed" him, he's not doing it out of revenge. Rather, it's because his actions may have affected your dog in another way.

For example, if your dog is used to sleeping in your bed but you push him away, this changes his routine and can make him anxious. Thatanxietycan lead to a potty accident.

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Do dogs poop in the house when they're angry?

Just like your dog can't poop in the house out of spite, your dog can't poop in the house when he's angry.

Most situations that make your dog angry also create stress and anxiety, which in turn can cause your dog to have a toilet accident.

If you notice that your dog always poops in the house when he's mad, avoid the temptation to want to punish him.tiringthey will just lead to more stress and anxiety, thus increasing the likelihood of having another accident.

For example, suppose your dog wants to join you on a road trip, but you decide to leave him behind. Upon returning, you discover that your dog has pooped in the house.

Instead of punishing them, what you should do is give them a treat the next time you leave them behind so they don't see being left behind as an anxiety-provoking event.

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Why does my dog ​​suddenly poop in the house at night?

When a potty-trained dog suddenly starts pooping indoors only at night, it could be due to things like a change in diet, a change in schedule, lack of proper breaks, or age-related issues.

See how these factors can cause your dog to poop in the house at night...

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diet change

When you suddenly change your canine friend's diet, the new food may cause some intestinal discomfort before your dog gets used to it. To haveintestinal disordersit will often cause your dog to need to poop more often.

During the day this is not a problem as your dog can easily go outside and relieve himself. At night, however, they cannot go out and, as they do not last until morning, the only option is to do it indoors.

The best way to deal with this is to avoid sudden dietary changes. If you want to change your furry friend's diet, do it gradually so your body has enough time to adjust to the changes.

time change

Changing one aspect of your dog's schedule can also affect his bathroom schedule. For example, if you start feeding your dog later, you won't have time to go outside before bed. The urge will come later at night when you're not awake to let them out so they'll relieve themselves indoors.

To avoid this, you must make adjustments to ensure that any time changes do not affect your dog's potty schedule.

Lack of adequate breaks during the day

If your darling fido doesn't take enough bathroom breaks throughout the day, he'll take it until he can't take it anymore. If that point comes in the middle of the night, they will have no choice but to relieve themselves indoors.

The solution to this is to make sure your dog takes enough bathroom breaks throughout the day. If you're not around to let him out during the day, find a pet sitter or ask someone at certain times to let your dog use the potty.

Age-related health issues

As your dog ages, there is a high chance that he will be affected by some age-related health issues. Some of these medical issues can make it harder for your dog to restrain himself for long periods of time, and since they don't take bathroom breaks at night, they just stay indoors.

For age-related health issues, you will need to see a veterinarian and have the problem treated.Sometimes, however, there isn't much vets can do for your dog; in that case, you should consider buying some diapers for your four-legged friend.

How do I get my dog ​​to tell me he needs to poop?

The best way to teach your dog to tell him he needs a potty break is to train him to ring a bell every time he wants to go outside to poop.

The good thing about your dog using a bell to let him know when he needs to go to the bathroom is that this action cannot be confused with any other action your dog normally takes.

For example, if you teach your dog to bark when he needs to go to the bathroom, he will continue to bark for other reasons. However, with a bell you have a clear idea of ​​what exactly your dog wants.

To train your dog to use a bell to alert him when he needs to go to the bathroom, the first thing to do is get a bell. We recommendBLUETREE premium quality dog ​​bells.

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High Quality BLUETREE Dog Buzzers Potty Training Large Dog Buzzers Adjustable Dog Buzzers...

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These bells are designed with high quality materials that will resist your dog's tugging and come with three-level length adjustments to allow your dog to reach the bell no matter what size it is.

After buying the bells and hanging them on the door, it's time to start training. Start by encouraging your dog to ring bells with his nose or paw. When the bells ring, take your dog outside and give him some praise and treats. Repeat this until your dog has learned to associate the sound of the bells with going out.

From there, whenever your dog rings the bells, take him outside, take him to the designated potty area, and give him the command to poop. When he does, give him some treats and lots of praise. If he doesn't poop, decline treats and praise.

Over time, your four-legged friend will learn to associate the sound of the bells with going to the bathroom, and whenever he needs to go, he will ring the bells to alert you. Note, however, thatthis workout requires a lot of patience and repetition.

What else would make a dog start pooping in the house?

Other reasons that may cause your dog to start pooping around the house include overexcitement during bathroom breaks, fear and anxiety, poor quality food, age, and separation anxiety.

See how these factors can cause your dog to poop indoors...

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Overarousal during bathroom breaks

If you take your beloved fido potty regularly but he still poops in the house when you bring him back, this could be due to overexcitement during potty breaks.

What that means is, when you take your dog to the bathroom, there's something in the air that makes him so excited he forgets he went outside to poop. When they go back inside, the urge to poop is even more urgent, making them more prone to potty accidents.

fear and anxiety

Pooping is a vulnerable situation for dogs. It takes time and your dog is exposed when he does his business. Therefore, dogs will only defecate when they feel safe enough to do so.

If there's something in the yard that makes your dog scared or threatened, he'll avoid pooping there. They will hold on until they feel safe again, or until they can't take it anymore. If they can't take it anymore when they're indoors, they'll do it there.

low quality food

When you feed your dog low quality food, he will need more food to fill him up. Eating more means they will also need to go to the bathroom more often, making them more likely to have a bowel movement.


As your dog ages, he is at greater risk of suffering fromcanine cognitive dysfunction, which is the canine version of Alzheimer's disease. When this happens, your dog can easily forget about potty training and start pooping everywhere.

(Video) How to STOP your Dog POOPING 💩💩 inside the House.🐶 | Dog potty training videos.

separation anxiety

Dogs are very social and don't like to be left alone for long periods of time. Leaving your dog alone for long periods of time often makes him anxious, lonely and nervous, which can cause him to pee or poop even if he is indoors.

If you notice that your dog tends to have accidents when you spend most of the day away from him, it is a clear sign that your dog is pooping indoors due toseparation anxiety.

How to prevent a dog from peeing and pooping indoors?

To prevent your dog from peeing on the rug, you should schedule regular potty breaks, watch for signs that your dog wants to go potty, avoid leaving your canine companion alone, reward good behavior, and use repellents to avoid getting dirty. again.

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Schedule frequent bathroom breaks

When your dog makes frequent trips to the bathroom at predictable intervals, he is less likely to go home because he has multiple opportunities to empty his bowels. Younger dogs and smaller dogs will need more frequent breaks than larger dogs.

If you notice that your dog tends to have accidents at specific times, you can introduce a potty break at those times to ensure they have a chance to relieve themselves outdoors.

Pay Attention to Signs Your Dog Needs a Potty Break

Sometimes your dog had an accident because he wanted to go outside but you wouldn't let him go. To avoid this, always keep an eye on your dog andlearn to recognize the signs that your dog needs a potty break.

Some signs that a dog needs a potty break include general restlessness, scratching and whining at the door, sniffing, and pacing. If you notice any of these signs, quickly open the door and give your dog the command to go outside.

Don't leave your dog alone for too long.

Since your dog's bowel movements at home can be caused by separation anxiety, you should avoid leaving your dog home alone if you are going to be away for a long time. If you're not home for more than four hours, hire a sitter to keep your dog company.

Whenever you are at home, you should also find opportunities to play with your dog and allow him to build a bond with you.

Reward good behavior

The best way to teach your dog something is through positive reinforcement. So whenever your dog leaves the house when he needs to poop or pee, give him a treat and lots of praise. Over time, the behavior will be instilled in them and they will always go outside to relieve themselves.

use repellents

If you've tried everything and it hasn't worked, you can use repellent sprays to prevent your dog from peeing in the house. Repellents often contain scents that dogs hate. When you spray them in areas where your dog likes to urinate, it prevents urination in those areas.

One of the most effective dog repellents isBodhi dog is not here! spray. After cleaning the area where your dog urinated, simply spray Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray it on and you're guaranteed your dog won't urinate in the same area again.

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You can also use essential oils to stop your dog from pooping on the rug. A good option is100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Eucalyptus Essential Oil. This essential oil contains all-natural ingredients and the scent of eucalyptus, which is a great dog deterrent.

If your dog always poops in a corner, this can be used in that target spot. Just apply a few drops to the rug and you'll never have to worry about your dog pooping in the same area again.

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What is the hardest dog to potty train?

The most difficult dog to train is the Bichon Frize breed, known for its independence and stubbornness despite its small size.

There are several reasons why these small dogs are difficult to train. The first is its independence. As they are independent, they don't like to please and, therefore, it can be difficult to train them.

What is more,The Bichon Frize does not like to go out very much., especially when the weather outside is cold or wet. This means getting them to go out and do their business will be a difficult task.

(Video) How to Housetrain An Adult Dog (Easy Housebreaking Method)

Finally, due to their small size, it is very easy for them to relieve themselves at home undetected. They can easily hide in some corner of the house and do their business, and it could be days before you realize they've done this.

Other dog breeds that are difficult to train includeJack Russell Terriers, Dachshunds, Chow Chows, Afghan Hare, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Dalmatians and Pekingese.

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