Assassin's Creed Valhalla Mushroom Puzzle: all locations and solutions (2023)

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Mushroom Puzzle: all locations and solutions (1)

In Assassin's Creed Valhalla you will find a total of 15 mushroom puzzles. We will tell you about the locations and how to solve the tasks.

In Assassin's Creed: Valhalla there are various collectibles and tasks to find and complete, as is almost always the case with open world games. This also includes mushrooms, which you must eat to complete the tasks unlocked in the later intoxicated state. Originally, the mushroom puzzles were called the "Fly Agaric Puzzle".

Places you didn't know existed...

Places you didn't know existed in SCOTLAND🤯 (Part 1)

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How helpful it is to encourage players to let their protagonists munch on highly poisonous mushrooms remains to be seen. Either way, don't imitate him in the real world. ;)

We will show you all 15 mushroom locations on the map and describe how to complete all the puzzles and other tasks.

By the way, it's good to know at this point: we actually went through the different positions in the game ourselves and not just translated the instructions from English. In this way, we can guarantee that the information provided here is really correct and that translation errors are excluded. Only with our guide you will always be on the trail of mushrooms. ;)

Drunken Riddles – After Eivor takes a good bite of the poisonous plant, the image blurs and the landscape changes. Most of the time doors or torch shots will appear to interact with, but occasionally enemies and wild animals will also appear and attack Eivor. Once the fight is over or the puzzle is solved, the test is passed, and Eivor presents new wisdom, usually in the form of a poem.

Mushrooms and where to find them

Nordvege and England – There are only two mushroom puzzles in Nordvege, the remaining 13 are all in England. With our guide for mushroom pickers you will hardly be able to avoid the localities. If you can't see the poisonous mushroom mushroom, activate your killer's vision (Odin's eyes).

Where to look first It doesn't matter in which order you collect the mushrooms.

Why the search is worth it

On the one hand, the mushrooms represent another task for the collectors and completers among you and, on the other hand, they receive experience points. You will also travel to other areas of the opulent world in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla and possibly find other stories.

1. Nordvege - Rygjafylki

Island with the "Abandoned Cabin": You will probably find this mushroom puzzle first, as it is the closest to your original settlement. On the island, where there is also a treasure in the "Abandoned Mansion", you will find three stone statues and a note in the lower half. Once you eat the mushrooms, three doors will appear. Based on the information in the note, you now need to go through the doors in the correct order.

Order of solution: 1. Thor (Statue with Thor's hammer), 2. Freya (Apparition read as 'woman'), 3. Odin (with staff/sword).

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2. England - Grantabrycgscir

In front of Elge: On the mainland in front of Elge (island with a monastery), a round promontory slightly protrudes. There you will discover the next mushroom puzzle. After tempting your taste buds, three doors and five braziers will appear. Light the three braziers, each with a door next to it, by interacting with them. If you have ignited the correct shells, a new main door will open. Go through and you will complete the mission.

3. Inglaterra - Legracaesterscir

Wenlocan Monastery: Once you have found the Wenlocan Monastery, you need to head west and a bit south. Eat the mushrooms there and follow the seal. Yes, you read that right, the seal. It always stops in front of one of several doors and looks at it until it is through. From then on, more and more animals appear. But you should always follow the one who moves to one of the doors and stays there. completed task.

4. England - Ostanglien

Elmenham, Brislea Homestead, Hraefnathorp - There are many landmarks on the map that will help you get to this mushroom puzzle. It's certainly easier to walk west of Elmenham until you see a small lake. Alternatively, you can orient yourself at the Brislea farm, from which you need to travel northeast. Their settlement at Hraefnathorp is even simpler, but further away. If you drive stubbornly to the right (east) from there, you'll also reach your destination after several river crossings.

Solution: Go through the door on the right (from the spectator's perspective). Next to the door there is a large statue of a woman embedded in the ground, of which only the head is visible. Once you do this, floating rock formations will form. Climb this up, then go through the arch on the far right with shields leaning against the frame. New arches open again. Now go through the one in the middle with the flowers in front and enjoy your experience.

5. England - Oxenafordscir

Evesham Monastery – You can collect the fifth mushroom in the southeast of Evensham Monastery. This task could hardly be easier; Once again, you will spawn multiple targets in the frenzy. Here are wooden crosses next to the passages. Knock down all the arches in more and more crosses. So first you go through the door with a single cross next to it, then the one with two, then three, and so on. And you have already successfully mastered another puzzle.

6. England-Scrobbescir

Monastery Lake: There is a lake next to the Wenlocan Monastery. Follow the coast to the south and then a little more. In the area, be sure to nibble on the correct mushroom, as there are plenty of other species (including inedible ones) lined up there. Under the old mighty tree in front of a large standing stone (similar to a menhir) you will find the desired mushroom. There is also a hint on the right hand side indicating what to do.

Solution: Simple! Light all the fireplaces around which a circle of stones has been placed. As always, this is done through interaction.

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7. Inglaterra - Lace

Caent - Sudseaxe Border: At the bottom of Caent, more or less on the Sudseaxe border, you will find your next mushroom puzzle. Travel to the border section located below the river. There is also a monastery (Tonebrige) nearby.

Solution order: Again, the correct order is everything. After following the rock ramp, four doors will appear. Each door represents an element: fire, water, earth, air. Based on what you saw going up the stone ramp, the correct order is:

  • Water (Door with Fishes and Waterfalls)
  • Fire (door with burning flames)
  • Earth (Door that looks a bit morbid)
  • air (door with birds)

8. England - Eoforwicscir

Northeast Eoforwic: The northeast end of Eoforwic is a lake of ice. In the middle of the lake, surrounded by nothing but snow and ice, Eivor discovers the poisonous mushroom. This test requires strength. When he eats the mushroom, some wild animals will appear, including bears and wolves. Kill the predators and get your reward.

9. England - Snotingahamscir

Eorthburg Hlaw: Turn left (west) of the lake near the Berserker's house or northeast of the "Eorthburg Hlaw" circular stone formations. Here, too, you "just" have to fight to let the mushroom frenzy end properly and pass the challenge.

10. England - Ostsaxe

Waledene – East of Waledene and southwest of Beodricesworth is a Mushroom Reserve to help Eivor rhyme again. But first you need to turn some of the red flames burning in the braziers blue. You do this as usual by interacting with the shells. Start from the left (near the tattered black candle) going clockwise. The order is: blue, red, red, blue, blue, red. Run through the arch and you will have already solved another mushroom puzzle.

11. Inglaterra - South Sea Axe

Ciscaester Abbey - Drive steeply south or east to Ciscaester Abbey from Crawedene. Another landmark would be Crawanlea. From there you would have to go north and cross a river. Arriving at the mentioned place, you will see your new favorite mushrooms near the landscape of the lake. Freshly eaten, a pack of wolves will appear that you must kill to complete the mission.

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12. England - Glowecaesterscir

Kate the Druid: There is a lake in Kate the Druid. If this is your location, head northwest. If not, you can use the letters "Glowecaesterscir" on your map to find your way around, because the next mushroom puzzle is right next door. If you've already discovered Evesham Monastery, you can head southeast from there.

Solution: The endless quiver of arrows to your left will have already told you: you have to shoot with a bow. Seven metal statues and a ship have opened up in front of you. Three of the statues are to the left and three to the right of the aircraft. A seventh is amidships. The statues differ only in the banners they carry. One is black with white symbol, the other green and white split with black embroidery. Your task now is to knock down all the green and white flags. That's all

13. England - Hamtunscir

"Stanneng" Stone Formation: Head west and slightly south of the large stone circle called Stanneng. From there you will reach the "Ecgbeorhts stone". Even easier to describe: look for the words "Hamtunscir" on your map. Go left (northwest) slightly up from "H". You can fight again. Before taking on this challenge, remember that the area is recommended for power level 340.

14. England - Lincolnescir

Legracaester – Take your trusty horse and ride directly east from Legracaester until you cross the bridge. From there, head east, but with a slight turn to the south, and you'll be there. Alternatively, you can start at Medeshamstede Abbey and head northwest. Once again, this bear challenge is about testing your muscles, not your mind.

15. Nordveg-Hördafylki

Snow Island: There is a large island west of Alrekstad. This is due west of the neighboring island pier. Once again, all you have to do is fight. Make sure your power level and supplies are enough and the last challenge of the poisonous mushroom is completed.

Finally, an unconfirmed fun fact: Mushrooms are said to be like catnip (catnip) in cats for reindeer. According to reports from Siberia, deer-like animals greedily lick the urine of people who have previously consumed mushrooms. The mushroom also has a psychoactive effect on reindeer. Due to the high toxicity of the mushroom, the number of human consumers should (hopefully) be limited.

What do you think of the mushroom puzzles? Did you find them all?

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